The Foreign Ministry reported that on Friday a total of 189 Mexicans were repatriated from San Diego and Texas.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that Friday 189 Mexicans they returned to the country from San Diego and Texas, United States.

In a joint operation with the Health Secretary and the Migration’s national institute, Next to the International Health Unit of the Government of Mexico City, two flights were received with the compatriots.

“Upon arrival, a preventive review was carried out by International Health in accordance with the provisions of the Standardized Guideline for epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of viral respiratory disease, to detect signs related to COVID-19,” said the Chancellery.

In a statement, he said that prior to the departure of the flights, the US authorities applied the health protocols for the early detection of symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19.

According to the procedure, only those who did not show signs or were asymptomatic boarded the flight.

Migration staff gave the compatriots a certificate of repatriation and it assisted them for the terrestrial return to their states of origin.

With information from Notimex