BTS will be heard in the final of Euro 2021; when and how to watch the show live

BTS will bid farewell to Euro 2021 with “Butter”.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The boys of Bts add a new triumph to his career, because They will be in charge of setting the pace for the grand final of Euro 2021.

The news was released from UEFA’s official Twitter account on July 2, after they launched a vote for users to choose who would put the music during the final of the European football tournament on the legendary Wembley pitch, in London, this Sunday, July 11.

Group BTS beat Louis Tomlinson, Billie Eilish, and Usher in a close vote, and the winning song was “Butter”, performed by the Korean group.

In addition to becoming the most important celebrities in their country, the influence of BTS internationally continues to spread, so the number of viewers of the Euro this year is expected to be considerably higher than other editions.

Although it should be noted that the boyband will not perform live or be part of the show, since UEFA will only mount a show to accompany the song chosen by the public. This means that ‘Butter’ will play, but without the presence of BTS.

Time and date of the final of the Eurocup 2021

As mentioned before, the grand finale will be this July 11 and then we present the schedules to witness this world-class event.

BTS’s “Butter” in the final of Euro 21 in the United States East: 3.00 pm and in Pacific: 12.00 pm

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