Frida Sofía’s uncle assures that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter does not lie

Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Pedro Moctezuma ask the media for more respect for Frida sofia, because it ensures that she is telling the truth and deserves that when they talk about their niece’s situation, they do so with more seriousness.

“She is totally telling the truth, and I don’t know if you have seen her latest videos, the coherence and integrity of that girl is incredible, so I hope they respect her more and support her more… Well (be) more cautious in what you do, because it is something very serious, then you have to give it the seriousness it deserves, “said the young singer’s uncle.

Pablo Moctezuma’s brother affirms that Frida is in a great moment, despite the legal process against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán and her mother, Alejandra Guzman, whom he sued for sexual abuse, family violence and corruption of minors.

“She is incredible, she is in Miami, I see her better than ever, I see her totally congruent with who she is. “What matters about Frida is that she makes her art, her music, she’s preparing for that and I think that what is happening legally has to take its course as it is.”

Pedro points out that his brother was always very aware of his daughter and there are photos that prove it. “” The family came when they could. It is as easy as seeing the photos that my sister-in-law Beatriz Pasquel uploads to her Instagram, that Frida always had the love of her father (Pablo Moctezuma) and of us“.

“There are thousands and thousands of photos of that and videos, of New Years, of Christmas; Things were different afterwards because (she) went to live in Miami and many things, but there was always contact ”, he stressed.

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