Know the symbol they propose for the bitcoin satoshi

Along with the exponential increase in the price of bitcoin (BTC), the use of denominations in satohis (sats), the minimum unit of the cryptocurrency, has become increasingly popular. Now, a group of bitcoiners have proposed assigning a specific symbol to sat, just as BTC has it.

Identified as Sat Symbol (symbol of sat), the creators of this proposal have assigned to satoshi an image inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics. Behind the symbol is the idea of ​​prosperity and abundance, as they expose through their website.

The image is a kind of simplification of the bitcoin logo, although they also refer to a simplification of the US dollar symbol to refer to satoshis in the plural, they explain in an infographic.

The satoshi is the structure of bitcoin. Literally and visually.

Sat Symbol.


This would be the graphic representation of satoshi. Source:

In addition to the symbol that refers to a satoshi, the proposal includes a graphical representation of accumulating satoshis, what in the bitcoiner environment is commonly known as stack (or stack) sats.

For its creators, the symbol they propose is versatile enough to be able to adapt to other bitcoin subunits in the future.

The satoshi symbol graphic package is also available on their website, allowing it to be used as a font on any website. For designers, the adoption of the symbol, the donation of sats or the purchase of merchandise that they have for sale, would be a way to support the project.

satoshi anatomy.

satoshi anatomy.

The sat symbol is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and refers to the idea of ​​abundance. Source: @symbolsatoshi on Twitter.

Bitcoin logo, a monetary reference

From the early days of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto himself came to propose the graphical synthesis that the cryptocurrency should have. However, after much debate in the Bitcoin Talk forums, it was not Satoshi’s initial idea that was finally adopted, as we have reviewed in CryptoNews.

That B with two points at each end, which today we recognize as a reference to bitcoin, came after a proposal to use BC (as an acronym for bitcoin), an idea also from Nakamoto himself. However, that letter with the lines that reflect the monetary character of bitcoin, Satoshi had proposed it in principle with a background that referred to a golden coin.

The final logo, of the B tilted over an orange circle, was the idea of ​​a graphic designer, who also published it on Bitcoin Talk. The proposal had enough support in the forum for it to end up being adopted and is today the graphical representation that we all recognize as that of BTC.

Will the same happen with sat? When the bitcoin logo was coined, the cryptocurrency was barely worth pennies on the market. Now, with its price over $ 33,000, the most common is to trade a few satoshis at a time, so the visual reference of the sat seems necessary.

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