Ricky Martin denounces why he does not receive offers to be an actor: “I don’t know if it’s because I’m gay”

Ricky Martin He referred to his professional career in the field of acting and He assured how he feels that his sexual orientation affected him to receive new proposals.

This was revealed by the Puerto Rican to People magazine, confessing that he wants to return to the big screen, but that possibly being gay is the reason why they don’t offer him a job in film, theater or television.

I don’t know if I won’t get more papers because I’m gay, but if that’s the case, it’s really sad. I’m going to keep working until life is different, “he mentioned for the outlet.

And it is that despite the fact that in recent years he has established himself as a great singer, the truth is that Ricky started in show business as an actor When he was just 6 years old, he also achieved a great career in this field before publicly declaring his homosexuality.

He himself has said that loves to act and he always expects the best and greatest roles, since he could play someone gay or someone straight, be Latino or European. He is certainly excited, but the only thing missing is opportunities.

I want to get involved in anything that has to do with acting. I love theater too. I love acting. I’m looking forward to those scripts, those great scripts. I can play a gay man, I can be heterosexual… ”, he explained.

Martin also said that an important executive of a record company told him that they would sell more records if he had not “come out of the closet”, to which he thought: “Aren’t they playing my music in this country because I’m gay?” This executive was fired, but what he told him was a hard blow, he acknowledged.

Recently, the Puerto Rican experienced an episode of discrimination on social networks and responded with strong words condemning homophobia after receiving criticism for posing with her husband and Instagram censoring a photo she shared with her son.

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