Scarlet Johansson makes it clear, this is her end in Marvel

Black widow, the solo movie of Natasha romanoff, and the first of the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe premieres today July 9. With that, of course, comes a lot of speculation about the future of the character and Scarlet johansson within the franchise.

Until now, the messages were relatively ambiguous. The actress spoke of bittersweet endings and how much she would miss her fellow producers. In parallel, Kevin Feige declared that he would not like to lose her and be able to continue working with her “in any way possible”.

But it seems that Scarlet johansson has slightly changed the discourse and has now made it more than clear that Black widow It is the end of his journey with Marvel Studios and his character, who first appeared in Iron Man 2.

“I am incredibly proud of ‘Black Widow’, my work with Natasha is complete”

It has been during an interview with Variety, where his tone has been totally firm and decisive about his future in Marvel studios after the premiere of Black Widow:

Although I never feel like my work is done and I always think of new ways I could act in movies I made ten years ago, I am very happy with what I have achieved in the more than ten years with Marvel. I feel like I’m going high, with a movie that I’m incredibly proud of. I feel like my work with Natasha is complete, if that’s possible. I have explored many of his facets, and I feel that the choice to sacrifice his life over his best friend was made with utter determination.

Johansson refers to the events that occurred during Avengers: Endgame (Avengers: Endgame), in which, to obtain the soul gem, he had to sacrifice himself, and prevent Clinton Barton / Hawkeye from dying.

Which makes things more than clear. Black Widow is the end of the road for the actress within Marvel and she does it at the best possible moment for the character. Everything seems to indicate that the witness has been yielded, completely, to Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh.

Black widow It would originally premiere in May 2020, but was delayed several times due to the closure of theaters in much of the world due to the pandemic. It finally opens on July 9 in cinemas around the world and simultaneously in Disney Plus, with premium pass.

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