A babysitter was arrested for the murder of a baby: he said he had drowned but the autopsy revealed terrible beatings

They accuse babysitter of murder.

Photo: West Melbourne PD / Courtesy

The authorities arrested a 25-year-old babysitter for the probable murder of a 3-year-old in his care.

June 11 Joshua Manns called the mother of Jameson nance to work to tell him that the little one had drowned in the tub after suffering a seizure, however the autopsy revealed chilling details that threw that version overboard.

The forensic analysis did not find any evidence that the minor had drowned, on the contrary, suffered from battered child syndrome. There was a record of previous injuries, including a broken rib, stab wounds to the head and swelling of the brain.

The boy had also suffered a broken leg in March. The Florida Department of Children and Family Services has records of another broken leg when he was just one year old.

Shortly before his death, authorities had investigated suspicious injuries, such as burn marks on his arm.

After receiving the terrifying call from Manns, the mother headed home and found the dead child in the bathtub, but no sign of the babysitter.

The subject left a letter to the child’s mother in which he explained that he was running away because no one would believe him and He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison for something he didn’t do.

According to the first investigations, Manns is not the father of the child, but he did live in the same building.

The West Melbourne police had asked the community for information to find Manns’s whereabouts, as went on the run after reporting the boy’s death.

On June 28, Manns was arrested by police in Georgia. He had been helped by a relative and was trying to get to his native West Virginia.

Last Friday he was brought before a judge in Florida and charged with first degree murder, as well as neglect and abuse. He was not entitled to bail.

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