Adamari López and the secret of her new figure: this is how reductive massages are all over her body

Adamari Lopez She is one of the most prominent stars on the Telemundo screens and is currently giving much to talk about for her new figure, and that is that she looks thinner with each passing day. But also, everyone is pending to know if in the end there will be reconciliation with Toni Costa or not.

But a lot has been said about her body and the way she’s lost weight. The latest rumors suggest that the Puerto Rican may have undergone a gastric operation, in order to lose weight, this has not yet been confirmed. While she for her part shares with her fans, through Instagram, all the processes to which she undergoes both beauty and those that have allowed her to shape her figure.

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Adamari, in addition to doing long exercise routines and a controlled diet, also undergoes reductive massages throughout the body. Golden Girls is the spa where the Puerto Rican is physically conscious for these treatments. Through the Instagram of this place it has been possible to appreciate what the treatment for Alaïa’s mother consists of. Here they assure that it is extremely important to combine it with the routines that Adamari performs.

About Adamari and her process, this is what they have been able to share on Instagram: “It is a pleasure for me, to have in my study this wonderful being like Ada, and to help him in his physical process since these changes would not be possible without help of exercises and nutrition so we complement with all our corporal magic achieving 100% natural results thanks @adamarilopez for believing one more time in me and my technique ”.

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