Alfredo Adame charges for insulting people for lack of money

Alfredo Adame has no money, so he says he already charges for his insults.

Photo: Saúl Díaz / Reform Agency

The controversial actor Alfredo Adame, 63, had an interview with various media who asked him how he was doing and revealed that, after his terrible defeat in the last elections in Mexico, where he was eligible for deputy, He has no income and that is why he will profit from his famous insults.

Recall that Adame long ago went viral on social networks for sending personalized ‘mother talks’ to those who asked.

I already charge for mother’s mentions, since it helps. I’ve always been like this, what happens is that they bite me and want their five minutes of fame with me and my reflectors, but I’ve always been like that, relaxed, “he mentioned.

Celebrities are known to sell greetings or congratulations, but apparently the actor wanted to do it in an original way, with a personalized rudeness.

When asked about how much do you charge for each insult, Alfredo detailed:

“Depending, if you want it garigoleada or you just want it direct.”

At first, he accepted requests to send those phrases to whoever asked him, his phone was even leaked and he answered calls only for that purpose, but now it will no longer be free.

To end the conversation, the actor also declared that Televisa had already removed the veto that had been imposed on him, which is why he is already considered to make soap operas and programs.

“The vice president of artistic marketing, Alejandro Benítez, called me and asked if I wanted to come and have a coffee with him. I came, he talked to me and he said: ‘We have projects, are you interested?’ I said: ‘Of course we do.’ My thing is to work and they made me the cordial invitation. They have already activated my badge, I am already receiving proposals and invitations from all the programs ”, he concluded.

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