Canada offers vacancies for Mexicans, positions do not require command of any language

The jobs are for a period of three months and no command of English or French is required.

Photo: Daniel Joseph Petty / Pexels

Canada is looking for Mexicans who want to work for a period of approximately three months, to carry out work as line workers and processors of crustaceans and molluscs.

One of the advantages of these opportunities is that they do not require command of any language, and it is only necessary to have the documentation requested by Canada to travel and start working, published El Universal.

Jobs in Canada are sought after by hundreds of people around the world and this time the country offers Mexicans the opportunity to join its labor market.

These are offers published by the employment portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, so they are reliable opportunities.

Line worker

This job lasts for three months to be held in Saint-Georges and Quebec, and is limited to six vacancies.

It does not require an established level of studies, or age or gender preference.

You are required to have minimum experience in the sector, and papers in order to be able to move to Canada.

The salary offered is $ 2,926 Canadian dollars ($ 46,700 Mexican pesos), with a workday of 40 hours a week.

The Transportation expenses will be borne by the employing company, and the lodging must be paid for by the workers.

Activities of the position:

– Cleaning and inspection of machines.

– Maintenance that contributes to increased production and performance.

Ability to handle machines and forklifts.

Processor of crustaceans and molluscs

This job lasts for 3 months and will be carried out in the cities of L’Etang-du-Nord, Grande-Entre and Quebec.

There are 30 places available and there is no age range or preferred gender for their performance.

Those interested must have completed secondary education, two years of experience in the field and, preferably, a basic level of English.

This job includes working days of 40 to 60 hours per week and the salary is approximately $ 11.07 Canadian dollars per hour ($ 176.56 Mexican pesos).

The activities to be carried out in this position are:

– Cleaning of work areas and equipment used.

Landing of products and presentation work to packaging.

– Label and supervise the packaging.

The scheduled start date is August 2021, and to apply it is necessary to contact 800 841 2020 or ask for help online where you can obtain more information about the selection process.

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