Copa América final: Neymar made a “hat” and then they broke his shorts

Neymar He has fun on the court no matter what, the result is not influential for the Brazilian star to show his qualities on the grass. He is not daunted by the contexts or the rival, if he has to make a luxury he does not hesitate to make it happen and in this America Cup has not been the exception.

After the intonations of the anthems, the fans at the Maracanã stadium which is over 7,200 people, Neymar began his customary show to drive his rivals crazy and lift the public from their seats.

The ’10’ made a “hat” to Giovani Lo Celso very close to the middle of the field and lit up the public after 7 minutes of play. This also warmed up the Argentines, who began to hit him and in one of those plays they broke his blue playing shorts at 13 minutes, and he did not change it to continue in the action against Albiceleste.

Then came Ángel Di María’s goal at 22 ‘to overtake the Argentines in the soccer capital of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro.

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