Copa América: Maluma caused outrage by accusing the Argentine goalkeeper of “sexist”, but it turns out that it was a “fake”

The coffee growers were eliminated in the semifinals by the Albiceleste team.

Photo: EVARISTO SA / AFP / Getty Images

America’s Cup 2020 will end in a few hours with the final between Argentina and Brazil. However, prior to this meeting, the elimination of Colombia generated much controversy after the disparaging gestures of the Argentine goalkeeper Damián “Dibu” Martínez. In social networks, the famous Colombian singer, Maluma, would have attacked the albiceleste by describing his gestures as “unsportsmanlike and sexist.” His comment generated thousands of repercussions on social networks, but it turns out that it was “fake”.

Many media reported what the urban music singer had allegedly said. His comment was massively disseminated through social networks. People even called “immoral” to the Colombian when considering that the content of his songs and video clips do not show anything contrary to what he allegedly criticized.

The power of the dissemination of unverified content was very noticeable. The “fake” spread through social networks and, probably, The singer received thousands of comments criticizing his alleged words. Some took the time to check the composer’s official account and realized that his post was missing. But most of them echoed what they found on the web and it all ended up turning into an unstoppable snowball.

However, the account user @elBizaracing He confessed that the publication was a joke that he himself was in charge of making and spreading.

After the confession, several usuryrs were in charge of sharing what their “fake” generated.

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