Entrepreneur and influencer Daria Radionova shows off her Lamborghini covered in Swarovski crystals

In this world there are eccentric people willing to do anything to get attention and more when it comes to celebrities who want to dazzle their followers on social media.

The site Auto Evolución published that Daria Radionova, a businesswoman, social media model and influencer based in London, is one of these people, as she owns one of the most peculiar Lamborghinis in the world.

She confesses as obsessed with everything shiny and for that reason personalized your car with Swarovski crystals. The idea came from his glass-covered Louboutins and he wondered why not drive a car covered in them?

Daria then decided to change the image of her Lamborgini which she affectionately calls “The Panther” and transformed it into a shiny car.

The work was done by Cars in Cloaks, a custom shop in London, with jewelers brought in from Russia. Although the influencer never revealed the final tally for the job, she said the car itself cost about $ 480,000.

Over 2 million crystals were used and each was glued by hand, in a stressful project that lasted 4 months and in which Cars in Cloaks was on the verge of aborting several times.

Daria originally bought her Lamborghini Aventador in Rosso Bia, a striking cherry red, but towards the end of 2018, she told her followers on social media that she was done with the red and that she would go for something a little more daring, that’s how her new one arrived. version.

At that point Daria became a central figure on London’s high society and party scene.

Daria is originally from Moldova and born to wealthy Russian parents, she moved to the UK to study at university but concentrated on fashion and beauty.

She is currently 28 years old and owns a luxury clothing store, beauty salon, and social media influencer., characterized by an excessive lifestyle.

Her Lamborgini is the world’s first Swarovski-covered Aventador, but not the first Daria car to use so many crystals, having previously embodied the idea in a white Mercedes CLS, a partially dazzling Bentley, and also a red crystal Huracan.

The young woman has revealed that the Aventador is the car of her dreams but that she will not hang on to “The Panther” for much longer. on his mind is already the project of a Bugatti of $ 1.3 million.

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