Jennifer López unleashes all her sensuality on the sand in Cambia el Paso

Jennifer López and the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro they premiered the music video for their hit “Cambia El Paso”, now available on the New Yorker’s YouTube channel, according to a statement released yesterday Friday.

Filmed in the city of Miami by the Dominican director Jessy Terrero, The video shows Jennifer López, after 3 decades of career, in her role as a dancer. Rauw Alejandro also demonstrates his ability to dance in the video, which has made him one of the most complete artists in recent years, according to the statement.

The song, which was released on July 5, is accompanied in the video with choreographies by Jennifer and Rauw in which, with dance steps, they stage the necessary path to get ahead.

“Cambia El Paso” is the first unpublished song by Jennifer López so far this year and, in turn, the first collaboration of the international star with the Puerto Rican.

In 2020, Jennifer released two of her biggest hits in Spanish to date, “Pa ‘Ti” and “Lonely,” both with Maluma, which were accompanied by a two-chapter music video that counts more than 133 million of reproductions. In addition, the two songs have exceeded 100 million downloads. Rauw Alejandro, just released his new album VICE VERSA.

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