Jennifer Lopez’s tail took all the compliments when wearing a tight jean on the streets of Los Angeles

And after the release of the new theme of Jennifer Lopez, Change the Step with Rauw Alejandro, everyone was more eager to admire the exuberant curves of Alex Rodriguez’s ex and current love of Ben affleck. Now the singer has left everyone with their jaws on the floor by showing off very tight jeans that raised all the compliments for his famous tail since the city of Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez’s rear has always given something to talk about. It is certainly the body part of JLo that most attracts the attention of his fans. A paparazzi managed to capture Jennifer Lopez on the streets of Los Angeles showing off her tail with very tight jeans and tall. Underneath she had on jean heels as well and above a high-necked blouse, which caught the attention of many, as it is no secret that the high temperatures in California have made this summer one of the hottest in the state. .

Singer I was in Santa Monica, Los Angeles accompanied by her son Max, who looked quite sporty. Jennifer Lopez She has always given her children the freedom to look however they want. Of course, she is impeccable at all times.

Just now it became known that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are finishing everything to live together in this city. The actor has been very happy with their children. They were even at Universal Studios recently and they seemed very happy.

On the other hand, many have speculated if the theme of his recent song, Cambia El Paso, would have something to do with Alex Rodriguez: “He does not deserve to have her in his arms …”, reads part of it. Let us remember that the couple separated just after strong rumors of infidelity arose from ARod and that he was seen having dinner with the model Madison LeCroy in a restaurant in Miami and a day before Valentine’s Day while Jennifer Lopez worked.

As much as Alex Rodriguez traveled to the Dominican Republic to try to fix things with Jennifer Lopez, the singer He announced a few days later that they had decided to break off their engagement, that they were best friends, and that they would continue in the businesses they have in common.

However, two weeks later Jennifer Lopez was seen with Ben affleck in the mountains of Montana. Days before, the same white van had already been seen that moved to Jennifer Lopez, drop off and pick up of Ben very close to his home in Beverly Hills.

Here we leave you the new official video clip of Jennifer Lopez with Rauw Alejandro where he made it clear why it is The Diva of the Bronx.

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