Juan Rivera gives his face after the statements of Mayeli Alonso, ex of his carnal Lupillo Rivera

Mayeli Alonso said that she thought that Juan Rivera had kept the car from a famous raffle, which according to her Lupillo should have won. On this Juan Rivera has reacted. First, he highlighted, through a live on Instagram and Facebook that he was simply answering Alonso’s words, but prior to this, with great humility he said that he was not giving fame to the ex of his carnal Lupillo Rivera, since the fans who They watched her video and asked her not to talk about her, so as not to make her more popular. For this reason, he made it very clear that she even has more followers than himself on his social networks. Then he addressed “the gossip” that everyone wanted to hear from his mouth through his live broadcast.

“I’ve never had much of a relationship with her, good or bad. She was the wife of my carnal; when we looked at each other we had a great time … A normal relationship, I think. I have nothing to criticize him, or what to say to him. She was never my wife, I have nothing to say… When my carnal thing happened, several years ago, I made the greatest attempt not to express myself either good or bad about her, because that one hundred percent is something that does not involve me. I just wanted to support my carnal … Even in the two years that I worked with Lupillo, I never asked him what happened. It is difficult enough to manage my relationship, to go about getting into others. I dedicated myself to working with my carnal ”.

The composer said that one of the reasons why he does not speak ill of her is because in addition to being the mother of his nephews, is that she has never spoken ill of him: “Besides, she has never offended me. . Never. He has never insulted me. And I think that if they ask her, I think she would say that I have never insulted her. Apart from that, she will always be the mother of my nephews“.

I don’t have to speak ill of her. I don’t have to go around the world hurting innocent creatures. Because speaking ill of anyone’s mother hurts people, ”said Juan.

At the end of Mayeli Alonso’s live, Juan Rivera admits that he called him. They spoke briefly. The conversation was respectful, cordial. I said: “I would like to clarify a few things for you, very slight. We talk quietly. Are we friends, enemies, are we united? No ”, clarified Jenni Rivera’s brother.

“I have calmed down because my mother asked me, and I want my mother to be calm and well”, Juan Rivera highlighted, confirming that this is the reason why he has not spoken again about anyone in his family and not about Mayeli Alonso. “Not a wrong word will I say about that woman. I will always try to respect her, because she was my brother’s wife, mother of my nephews, to begin with. He has never been rude to me, and I appreciate it. “he explained.

Here are Juan Rivera’s statements:

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