Lucía Méndez says she had a meeting with Quetzalcóatl

Lucia Mendez He is one of the most controversial Mexican entertainment personalities, since most of his statements give something to talk about and his most recent interview with the Hoy program is no exception.

The actress was surprised to reveal that not only has she had contact with people who have already died, but now stressed that had an encounter with the pre-Hispanic God ‘Quetzalcóatl’ with whom he had a deep “conversation” during his visit to the mountains surrounding the Popocatepetl volcano, in Mexico, so managed to get their permission to start a new project.

“I stand in the middle and say ‘Quetzalcóatl, please! Give me permission to take this out’you won’t believe it is documentedAn eagle arrived, stood in front of me, watched me for 16 seconds, left, took flight and left; And then Mariano, the best historian in Mexico, turned around and told me, now yes you can now get the ‘Ollín del amor’“Said the singer.

‘Ollín del amor’ is a new single that Méndez is interested in releasing and ‘Quetzalcóatl’, or ‘The Feathered Serpent’ as it is also known, is the most important God of the Mexica culture.

Going back to this rather fanciful story, Lucia even said she had a video to verify her experience, which has evidence and the evidence is forwarded.

“We have it documented, we can try it the day you wantI’m going to show them to you ”, he assured.

Faced with this supposed mystical encounter, Méndez now hopes that his new material with the blessing of the gods will have a great reception from the public.

Currently Lucía Méndez finished her first season of interviews on her YouTube channel where she had guests such as Frida Sofía, Mariana Seoane, Elisa Beristain, among others.

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