Michelle Salas went to Cannes with the blessing of Silvia Pinal and it was also her symbolic representation

Michelle Salas has dazzled everyone with her passage through the Cannes red carpet. Not only because she looked spectacular in her wedding dress. But because he shone with the blessing of Silvia Pinal, his great-grandmother. Through Instagram, the famous model and influencer shared with her followers an anecdote that united her with the famous actress of the golden cinema of Mexico. And that is the reason why Silvia Pinal herself told her that she was representing her.

“I want to share with you a story that I had not told you but that surely some have heard … This is the most important reason and why personally these last few days have been so incredibly special for me,” said Michelle on her social networks.

According to the young model, all this began on May 18, 1961: “Exactly 60 years ago, my great-grandmother Silvia Pinal was at the Cannes film festival for her film directed by the maestro Luis Buñuel “Viridiana”. Currently considered the most important film in Spanish cinema, which could not be shown in Spain at that time due to the Franco dictatorship. The movie at the time was considered cruel, sacrilegious, blasphemous, and extremely controversial. But a negative had been smuggled to Paris with the excuse that there were better studios in the French capital to make the final audio mixes. Curious fact, the film arrived a day before its screening at the film festival and Viridiana managed to evade national censorship by winning the Palme d’Or, being the only Spanish film to obtain this distinction to date ”.

“In this journey, my great-grandmother relates that she hid the film negative inside the seams of her coat and fled to Mexico where they hid it (they buried at a friend’s house to be exact) for many years. According to what they say, after seeing the comments of the festival, Franco had everything related to Viridiana burned and it was banned in Spain until 1977 ″.

He added: “Today we have the opportunity to have this masterpiece alive thanks to her. An endearing, brave woman that I admire and respect with all my heart. This is why for me personally it was so emotional to live this moment, especially having her still with us. I told him just a few weeks ago that I had been invited and what I would do and these were his words: ‘Oh my Michelle, what happiness this news. You will go on my behalf, you will look beautiful because you have a good soul, daughter. Be a good person and smile wherever you go. So you will always shine ‘“.

Here are the images of Michelle and her great-grandmother on the tape: “Viridiana”

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