New York bets on its new administration

Everything indicates that New Yorkers chose Eric Adams as the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York who will contest on November 3 with Republican Curtis Sliwa.

The hitherto president of the borough of Brooklyn will go on to handle the problems of the world’s capital, just at a time when we expect the pandemic to begin to subside and a visionary eye is needed to get out of the economic crisis, regain employment and security. on the streets of the five boroughs, threatened by gun violence.

This retired New York Police captain and former state senator has not yet succeeded in getting the city’s Central Electoral Board to promulgate the official result that defines him as the winner due to the error in the first vote count of the June 22 primaries when they were included. test votes.

In addition, the complex process of defining absentee ballots and ballots received by mail with the preferential vote that was only adopted this year to elect five candidates according to the voters’ criteria, when before it was a question of marking in favor of a single person, remains to be completed. .

Faced with the situation, voices came out asking to reform the junta, but we believe that the problem is more fundamental and begins in the complex electoral system. In fairness we must warn that it is not the fault of the Board that the voters felt lost with the new ballot to elect so many candidates. The preferential vote was adopted in these elections for the first time to avoid a second round and decide sooner who would be elected.

Although by narrow advantage, Adams prevailed over former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn García, who already acknowledged that this time neither did women manage to break the myth so that a lady could take the reins of the city that never sleeps.

And although the victory is not yet official, analysts predict that Adams may already start a campaign to win in November in the Big Apple, where the majority vote for the Democratic candidate. In other words, if those predictions come true, Eric Adams will be the successor to Bill de Blasio and will become the new tenant of the mayor’s office in lower Manhattan.

Adams will have to fight in his campaign to win the vote of minorities, that of African Americans, that of women and the gay community, but above all that of Hispanic families who wait for the support to get out of the economic crisis that left the pandemic.

By Sofía Villa is Producer / Writer Univision NY. This column was prepared in a personal capacity by the author and her views do not represent Univision Communications Inc.

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