Panic over shooting at liquor store in New York: gunman dead and three wounded

A man who opened fire on three people inside a liquor store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, was killed by the New York police.

The NYPD responded to the establishment at 1195A Halsey Street around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, but the gunman had already fled by the time he arrived.

Later the officers they discovered the suspect, with a gun in his hand, crouching on the sidewalk across from 520 Wilson Avenue. They ordered him to drop his gun, but he did not obey, according to the police report. Later three officers opened fire on him, wounding him. He was transported and later pronounced dead at Wyckoff Hospital, Fox News reported.

NYPD recovered the man’s gun and three others in the opening scene of the shooting. NYPD Patrol Chief Juanita Holmes said officers wore body cameras that captured the interaction between them and the unidentified gunman.

The three victims who were shot at the liquor store they were also treated in hospitals in the area. The investigation into the shooting remains open, to specify the motive for the attack and a possible relationship between those involved.

Shootings have increased in NYC almost 38%, with 765 incidents reported compared to 555 the same period last year through Sunday, July 4, in a trend that had already been on the rise since the confinement of the coronavirus.

Chicago, another city that is experiencing a wave of armed violence, will receive federal reinforcement to combat it, it was announced after the President Joe Biden’s visit this week to Illinois. In NYC, Voices of the Republican opposition and police unions have called for federal intervention, that has not materialized, in the absence of support from Democratic leaders.

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