Prosecutor in Haiti cites two magnates and two former senators in case for the assassination of President Jovenal Moïse

Haitian Police Inspector General Leon Charles at a conference on the assassination of the president.

Photo: Richard Pierrin / Getty Images

The two Haitian magnates Réginald Boulos and Dimitri Vorbe and the former opposition senators Youri Latortue and Steven Benoît will have to declare next week as part of the investigation into the assassination of President Jovenal Moïse.

This Friday, the Haitian prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude, of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, summoned them to testify this Monday in the case for the assassination.

Boulos, owner of a conglomerate of companies, and Vorbe, whose family owns the company that controls the electricity sector, were accused by the Moïse government of financing the protests that destabilized the country since 2018, according to the Efe agency.

In addition, Claude called to testify during the next week to four of the police and military chiefs responsible for the president’s security.

Benoît has indicated that Moise was killed by his security force.

Armed command of 28 people attacked the president of Haiti

The information handled by the police in Haiti indicates that a command made up of 28 people, of which 26 are Colombian nationals and two other Haitian Americans committed the crime.

As of Friday, 20 people had been detained for their alleged involvement in the attack. Three suspects were killed by the Police.

The gunmen, believed to be mercenaries, They falsely presented themselves as DEA agents (United States Drug Enforcement Agency) upon arriving at Moïse’s residence at around 1 am

The Colombian government confirmed that several of the detainees are ex-military.

The Administration of President Iván Duque and that of Joe Biden are collaborating with the Haitian authorities to clarify the case.

The United States will send agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Haiti to assist in the investigation of the murder, the White House announced yesterday,

First lady Martina Moïse was also injured in the ambush early Wednesday morning at the president’s home. At the moment, he is receiving treatment in a hospital in Miami, Florida, and is in critical but stable condition.

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