Sarita Sosa and her mother, Sara Salazar, request to manage José José’s inheritance

Last April it was confirmed that Anel Noreña is the universal heir to her ex-husband’s assets, Jose jose, who passed away on September 28, 2019.

However, the case seems to turn upside down, as his youngest daughter, Sara Sosa, and her mother, Sara Salazar, would have initiated a procedure so that the widow is the one who enjoys the singer’s inheritance.

According to the ‘Drop the Soup’ program, They presented a document in a Miami Court where they ask a judge to appoint Sara Salazar as the administrator, since they claim to be the only and legitimate heirs of the ‘Prince of Song’.

In it, they specify that among the goods is the house where he lived the last stage of his life before going to the hospital, which is located in Homestead, Florida and is valued at nearly $ 400,000.

The widow too would seek to keep the royalties from the singer’s music in the Sony company, as well as the resources of the José José Inc. company, of which the economic value is unknown.

This is how Anel Noreña and his daughter, Marysol Sosa, responded

There is no doubt that with this an intense legal lawsuit is coming between the descendants of José José if the request is accepted, as well as between Salazar and Noreña, who has already responded to the legal counterattack.

“These women are lying. That paper is an important document, where you do it under oath and they are denying their brothers, ”Anel said exclusively on the television program, ‘Hoy’.

Also Marysol Sosa he did not take long to react to the situation and made it known through a statement where he expresses that he does not mind being left without any inherited property; her real annoyance comes from the denial for her and her brother, José Joel, as descendants of the singer in the petition issued by his half-sister, Sara.

“I just want to clarify that personal opinions have no place here. If they, say Mrs. Salazar and my half sister Sara, believe that the Mexican will is invalid, it does not mean that the document does not exist and is invalid. But that’s not what alerts me. Finally the laws are the ones that will determine what is authentic and what is apocryphal. What does surprise me, according to the document presented yesterday before the cameras by the Suelta la Sopa program, is that for these people my father only had one daughter, “he mentions in a part of the letter he published on his social networks.

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