Shot in the face by her boyfriend at dawn: extreme domestic violence in New York

The shooting happened very early in the day.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

A 32-year-old woman was shot in the face in her 3rd floor apartment in Brooklyn, shot from the street very early in the day, the NYPD said.

In the bizarre incident, the bullet passed through the residential window on Belmont Ave. near Shepherd Ave. in East New York at 7:15 am yesterday. Miraculously the victim was hit on the chin and no vital organs were affected.

The woman was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where she was reported in stable condition. The shooting followed an argument the unidentified victim had with her boyfriend of 24 years, the Daily News detailed. No further information was available at the time and no arrests were announced.

Shootings have increased in NYC almost 38%, with 765 incidents reported compared to 555 the same period last year through Sunday, July 4, in a trend that had already been on the rise since the confinement of the coronavirus.

Chicago, another city that is experiencing a wave of armed violence, will receive federal reinforcement to combat it, it was announced after the President Joe Biden’s visit this week to Illinois. In NYC, Voices of the Republican opposition and police unions have called for federal intervention, that has not materialized, in the absence of support from Democratic leaders.

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