The extra mile: a paid ticket bound for burnout

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Have you noticed that every time you try too hard at your job, you end up falling short? The extra mile has gone from being just “the extra” that is put in a specific project, to becoming part of the routine mileage in our work.
Worse still, when from the same corporate culture we see that there is joyous talk of always striving to contribute more than we owe. That’s fine for certain projects or circumstances, but in the long run it takes away physically and emotionally.
So, we come across collaborators who push themselves to over-perform, just because they unconsciously believe that what they already do, which is enough, is little.
This attitude, accompanied by a low threshold of worthiness, pushes people to believe that, once the project is finished, they must revisit again and again and again and again, rewriting texts or adjusting details that in the end, may end up by ruin with a good approach.
Small fixes are big distractions
It often happens that we become obsessed with a project coming out so well polished that we believe that reviewing the same document fifty times will make everything perfect.
Of course, you have to read again, but going back to minute details a thousand times looking for perfection is exhausting, not to mention that it can take time unnecessarily and exhaust us.
What many people do not know is that this happens, when it is not clear what it is that you really want to achieve, otherwise; We will retrace our steps a thousand times, because the extra mile to reach the goal we cannot even see on the horizon.
Make a list of essential tasks
Especially when it comes to personal projects, it is very difficult to set a limit. Ask yourself: how will I feel when I finish this task? Is it necessary for today? Is there a more important task to complete?
Once you have completed such assignments, I recommend for your well-being, that you close the computer – yes, lower the screen! – and rest. Only then can you always perform in optimal conditions.
See the extra mile as your wild card in an emergency, not your best daily resource. Above all, your health must always prevail.
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