Toyota cancels donations to several Republican representatives who refused to certify Biden’s triumph

Posted: Jul 11, 2021 16:11 GMT

The automaker donated more money than any other company in 2020 to politicians who voted against the certification of votes for the presidential election in the United States.

Toyota announced that it will stop donating money to Republican representatives, who refused to certify the triumph of Joe Biden in the 2020 elections, after The Lincoln Project, the group of Republicans founded to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump, pointed to the Japanese company for donating to “seditious politicians.”

According to a report published by Axios, Toyota donated $ 55,000 to 37 Republican representatives who opposed certifying the results of the Electoral College, claiming that there was widespread fraud in the elections.

Given this, the reaction of The Project Lincoln was not long in coming, publishing a new statement on its Twitter account, in which it criticized the actions of the car company. “Toyota is number one in finding ways to financially reward the party that brought our nation to the brink on January 6 by helping fund a movement that sought violently to take votes from American customers,” the video narrates.

Shortly after, the multinational company published an official statement in which it reported the suspension of donations to the politicians involved. “Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that promote our democracy,” says the vehicle manufacturer. The decision marks a turnaround from April when the firm told The Detroit News that it supported the candidates “based on their position on issues important to the auto industry and the company itself.” “We do not believe that it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely by their votes in the electoral certification,” he added.

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