VIDEO: American Airlines passenger wanted to open the plane door and had to be gagged and tied to the seat

Airline passenger behavior has become a tricky topic in recent months, but the case of a seemingly unhinged woman far outweighs embarrassment and safety.

The passenger on a flight from American Airlines she had to be gagged and taped to a plane seat last week after she allegedly attacked the crew and attempted to open the plane’s door, endangering the lives of travelers and staff.

A video originally posted on TikTok, but that was later downloaded, although images of part of the events were published on Twitter, which shows the moment when the woman was removed from the plane, completely “stuck” with the silver adhesive tape.

The original images of the exact moment the woman was tied up were posted by user @ lol.ariee and first reported by TMZ, before the video was deleted.

According to the description of the moment, one could hear shouting: “You! Your! Your!”. Passengers exiting American Airlines Flight 1774 passing the woman.

It all happened on a two-hour flight on July 6 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, North Carolina., which had been delayed for at least three hours before finally leaving at midnight.

About an hour after the voyage began, the woman began to act strangely and attack the crew.

Flight personnel turned on the lights and people could be seen running up and down the aisle. The flight continued, but not all travelers knew what happened at that time.

American Airlines confirmed the incident and told The New York Post that the woman assaulted and bit a flight attendant after the female passenger tried to open the front gate.

The woman was greeted by local surveillance authorities in Charlotte.

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