Video of boy disrespecting the flag while his mother does nothing causes outrage

A video shows a boy disrespecting the flag.

Photo: Brett Sayles / Pexels

The video of a boy plucking the American flag from a garden and throwing it down with contempt Before the passive gaze of the woman who accompanies him, it caused anger and many questions after being disseminated on the internet.

The clip distributed online by Ricky Lee on July 8 shows a little boy getting off his scooter and throwing the American flag, while the one believed to be his mother looks on complacently.

“The brainwashing is complete”Lee wrote in the description of her social media post. Daily Mail assured that there are doubts about the authenticity of the video, as it has not transpired where it was filmed.

Lee, who was the first to distribute the video, shares pro memes Donald trump on his Twitter account where he accumulates 5,000 followers.

After disrespecting the flag, the boy and the woman leave the place.

“Children are being raised to despise the flag,” wrote journalist Marie Oakes.

“If my son had done that, he would have apologized and had to mow that family’s lawn for a year,” expressed one of thousands of people dissatisfied with the video.

“This is sad, I would never have thought of a kid doing that in the 60’s. It’s certainly a different time,” added another.

“Honest question: how can a country prosper if its citizens are raising them to hate it,” asked another.

Others assured that it is a montage, since the angle and position of the security camera are, to say the least, irregular.

“It is definitely false”, asserted a netizen, before the controversy.

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