VIDEOS: Storms flood New York’s Subway, creating “rivers and waterfalls”

During the intense rainy season, the MTA remains on alert for floods.

Photo: JOHANNES EISELE / Getty Images

The heavy rains in New York City and New Jersey, caused by Storm Elsa, have left flooded streets in the Big Apple, but especially Subway corridors turned into real rivers, as well as stairs as if they were artificial waterfalls.

Several videos posted on Twitter and Instagram left evidence of disruptions to the Subway and the inability of passengers to walk safely, although some faced flooding in order to escape the infrastructure and to safety.

A video of the Line 1 station at 157th Street in Washington Heights garnered more than 14 million views on Twitter.

At the 149th street station, lines 2, 4 and 5, an artificial waterfall generated by the large amount of rainwater could be seen.

At station 125, on Line A, passengers had to use umbrellas in the corridors, because the rain reached inside the MTA facility.

Another video from the 157th Street station also showed the amount of accumulated water.

In its official account, the MTA acknowledged that the staff attended the floods in the different stations, but asked for patience and avoid entering.

“Teams are actively addressing flooding issues at our stations,” the MTA said. “We have strengthened the stations in the flooded areas, but when the streets are flooded, the water will always flow downhill. Be careful not to enter the flooded stations while our teams work to resolve this. ”

The rain alert in New York began last Thursday and will continue the following days with rains starting this Sunday and during Monday, in addition to several days of rainfall the following week.

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