What was Adamari López doing without clothes, face down and lying on a stretcher

Adamari López was seen without clothes, face down and on a stretcher.

Photo: John Parra. / Getty Images

Very determined continues Adamari Lopez in your weight loss and that includes the aesthetic treatments that are being performed. Which she does not keep to herself but shares with all her followers, who do not stop wondering how she has done to look like this. Recently she was seen without clothes, lying face down on a stretcher and with a hat on his head.

Fortunately for many, the host of Hoy Día, Adamari López, has shared part of the secrets why his new image is simply spectacular. In addition to all the physical exercise she does, she also undergoes some treatments that leave her skin almost like a baby’s. We are not talking about a facial but about a procedure called reduction massage for which Adamari Lopez you have to be left without clothes and lie face down on a gurney and thus as such he recorded a video for his loyal followers.

In it they give him a kind of flat dumbbell pressing on his skin. This causes the endocrine glands to activate and eliminate the excess fluid that the body retains, especially in women, in a natural way and through the urine, and by which one can be more swollen. For the same, the star of Telemundo, Adamari López, it had to turn around on the stretcher and take off clothes. The hardest part to work on is the buttocks and the back of the thighs where fat accumulates and where cellulite is most noticeable.

Adamari Lopez She has also said that she does other types of reductive massages that help her with her figure and stick the skin to the muscle. This favors many people who, like her, have lost a lot of weight, so that the skin does not look saggy and encourages the production of collagen.

A while ago when you were just starting your new exercise regimen, Adamari Lopez He showed other massages that were done with a machine. This procedure is called endermologie and it also helps to shape the body and drain the fluid that it retains as well. There’s no doubt Adamari Lopez She has not paused on her path to a healthier and healthier life as her natural beauty stands out more and more.

Same beauty that was evidenced during this weekend when Adamari Lopez She appeared at the Chiquibaby babyshower looking really spectacular and knocking down the jaws of everyone who saw her go by.

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