An ambulance trip could cost you thousands of dollars in surprise bills

13% of those who received surprise bills said their unexpected out-of-pocket expenses would exceed $ 2,000.

Photo: AKuptsova / Pixabay

There are times that, due to an accident or some collapse that you have due to an illness, you should be sent to a medical attention center as soon as possible. In these cases, ambulance services have the obligation to take you as soon as possible.

However, after being transported to the hospital, patients could be left with a debt of a few thousand dollars. And it could be difficult to be taken to a hospital that has an emergency room covered by insurance when you are on the verge of death.

These are the so-called surprise bills, which happen when a patient receives medical care from a provider or doctor outside the insurance network.

Because of this, the administration of Biden proposed a series of regulations last week that would prohibit surprise billing for emergency medical services.a, regardless of where such services are provided, in-network or not.

However, this law is expected to take effect in 2022, so currently, if a health insurer refuses to cover the costs of such services, that could mean huge bills for up to half of the patients who have to take an emergency ambulance trip.

51% of emergency ground ambulance trips and 39% of non-emergency ground ambulance trips included an out-of-network charge for ambulance-related services, putting the patient at high risk of a surprise medical bill.

In total, that adds up to about 1.5 million privately insured Americans who may end up in an ambulance emergency room for which they will have to pay a hefty and unexpected bill.

Nearly 40% of insured non-elderly adults received an unexpected medical bill in the past 12 months, and 10% were charged for care from an out-of-network provider.

About 13% of those who received surprise bills said their unexpected out-of-pocket expenses would exceed $ 2,000.

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