BITPOINT launches Lending, a service for you to earn interest by HODLing your crypto

Key facts:

The service is available to users who have Bitcoin, Tether and Dogecoin in BITPOINT Latam.

BITPOINT has +15 partner banks for withdrawals and deposits in local currency in 8 countries.

The renowned exchange of Japanese origin announced the launch of its new Lending module, a financial service that allows users to earn interest on the amounts of crypto assets they maintain on their platform, which the company describes as the “collective investment fund that all traditional banks offer, but with crypto ”.

The service is now available for users who have Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) at BITPOINT Latam.

How does Lending work in BITPOINT?

In crypto there are all kinds of users and investment strategies. One of the most common users are those known as #HODLers, in crypto slang. This user is not very frequent in their buying and selling operations, betting on the long-term appreciation of the asset in question.

The Lending service is aimed precisely at #HODLers. BITPOINT has implemented a new section on its exchange platform called “Lending”. In this section, users can activate and deactivate the option to generate interest with the crypto assets stored in it and see the periodic returns of each asset, which are being invested by allied professionals to generate said returns.

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The Lending option is available to all users, all they have to do is activate it with a single click from the BITPOINT configuration panel.

According to company spokespersons, the launch of Lending is the product of closely studying what clients need in Latin America to operate crypto.

“We see that users increasingly need more advanced solutions such as our new service, Lending, and our API to operate crypto, so we have invested heavily in putting cutting-edge technology within the reach of enthusiasts in the region so that they can also operate. with our world-class platform. Now users of all levels of sophistication find functions in BITPOINT that they used to look for on international platforms, but that did not provide many guarantees for the user locally ”.

Julian Geovo, Director of Operations of BITPOINT for Latin America.

About BITPOINT in Latin America

Crypto assets available: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Dash, EOS and Tether. BITPOINT allows FIAT money deposits with credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers in more than 15 banks in Latin America. Japanese origin already operates in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

BITPOINT has focused on its crypto-to-FIAT model, becoming the gateway to the crypto world for people who want to invest using their local currency, but also an interesting option for those who want to monetize, that is, sell their crypto assets and receive local currency direct to your bank account and other solutions for local use.

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