Former Lupillo Rivera, Mayeli Alonso, says that he does not give him any money for his children and that he is a liar

Mayeli Alonso, former of Lupillo Rivera, says that the singer does not give him money for his children and calls him a liar.

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Recently, Lupillo Rivera confirmed that he had married his girlfriend, Giselle Soto. He assured that she is now his wife and that the journalists did not even notice. He did all this at the press conference in which he launched a new product with the arch rival of his ex Mayeli Alonso, Daysi Cabral. Given this and other statements that the businesswoman has given, Mayeli Alonso exploded and assured that her ex, Lupillo Rivera, does not spend money for her children and that he is also a liar.

Just the Univision program, Despierta América, spoke with Mayeli alonso and she confessed that she does not believe that Lupillo Rivera is married and that his children were not invited to any celebration. But he also threw firewood for maintenance: “No, that man It has not helped me with a dollar. With that I tell you everything. I have been supporting my children and making you want with them. I have never received a dollar from him, nor any kind of help. Nothing, on the contrary, not a tire changes me ”, he emphatically assured, hinting that Lupillo does not give him money for his children.

Lupillo Rivera As of the closing date of this note, it has not commented on the matter. Nor the money that Mayeli Alonso demands not to pass on to her children, nor of call him a liar, Well, his ex believes that the singer did not marry. While all this is happening, Daisy Cabral continues to do her thing. After accusing Mayeli alonso from owe you money and to tell him that he could pay him by sweeping in one of his stores, Lupillo’s ex defended herself.

Mayeli asked to show the documents where it says it is so. Daisy Cabral released the court documents. But the program Gossip No Like assures that he spoke with Mayeli alonso and said that she assured that that money it is a fine for filing some documents late in court.

On the other hand, Mayeli say what Juan rivera yes he stole a car from Lupillo Rivera. Before these statements Juan Rivera gave his face and responded to Mayeli. In fact, the own ex de Lupillo says that the story was just as it was told by Juan, but that she considers that he did steal it, because the raffle ticket that he supposedly never paid LupilloIt also had his name.

Juan riveraThrough one of his customary “Live”, he gave his point of view and said that he has nothing against the mother of his nephews and even wished him well. There is no doubt that the mess is still armed on all sides between the Rivera family.

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