Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo show off great bodies roasting in the sun

The couple formed by Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina rodriguez He is already on vacation and, as is customary for them during the summer, the two lovers have once again used their brand new yacht to cross the waters of the Mediterranean and enjoy a well-deserved rest or, failing that, a few minutes of fun with their jet skis.

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That is what emerges from the latest publications shared by the model on Instagram, who has never wanted to miss the opportunity to faithfully document those most touching, satisfying or luxurious moments that she lives with her loved ones. Of course, on his latest marine adventure, the two lovers have been accompanied by all their children, as well as by friends and family of the footballer.

The soccer star has been able to slightly advance his vacation due to the early elimination of the Portuguese team from the Eurocup, and the truth is that in the photos that Georgina has uploaded to his account both appear very smiling, caramelized and showing off both their brown skin and the toned of their physiques.

Of course, the disappointment that the Portuguese must have suffered when he was defeated in the great continental competition, in which his team defended the title, is now a thing of the past as it has dissipated thanks, among other things, to the unconditional support of his loved ones.

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