He went on a Tinder date and got drugged to steal his bitcoin savings

Key facts:

The victim was sedated and persuaded to provide access to his accounts.

They were able to steal money from an exchange, but not from your personal wallet.

What seemed like one more date of the many that are orchestrated through the dating application Tinder ended in crime. A man was drugged by a woman who persuaded him to give him access to his cell phone, accounts, and passwords, and stole a portion of his bitcoin holdings.

The methodology of the criminal, who in her Tinder profile presented herself as a “cryptocurrency trader”, was known as the $ 5 wrench attack. This tactic consists of obtaining information from a person, and in a discreet and persuasive way, or through coercion, to obtain that this person provides access to their funds to steal them.

The victim was a user of Casa Hodl, a company that offers security solutions for holders of bitcoin (BTC) and who related the events in a post on his blog. One of the tools that Casa provides is the multi-signature protocol, which requires the entry of two or more keys to confirm a transaction. This was precisely the key to avoiding greater damage to its assets in crypto assets.

The step-by-step scam that almost ended in a total bitcoin theft

The first meeting between the two was in a cafeteria, where the woman explained that she had 1 bitcoin that was given away by her parents. From there, the gathering moved to a walk in the open air, and then headed to the man’s house for a drink. Between talks and music, the woman took advantage of a trip to the bathroom of her appointment to deposit scopolamine in her drink; a drug also known as “burundanga” that is capable of causing drowsiness, confusion and disorientation, according to medical sources.

Nick Neuman, one of Casa’s co-founders, told the story in a Twitter thread. Source: Nick Neuman /

From this state of cognitive weakness, it was very easy for the woman to convince her victim to give her access to her accounts. The man claims that the last thing he remembers was kissing his drinking partner. When he woke up the next day, he noticed that he had all his belongings and he was not even short of money, only his cell phone disappeared.

With the accounts in your possession, the woman was able to steal the funds from one of the man’s accounts on an exchange. However, most of his funds remained safe, precisely because he had set up multi-signature authentication on his wallet.

Upon awakening from his induced lethargy, the injured party (whose country of origin is unknown) contacted Casa to block his accounts, since his mobile phone had been stolen. In this way, thieves were prevented from making other attempts to access your account and take your savings.

Measures to prevent bitcoin theft

Unfortunately, crimes with cryptocurrencies occur often, as with any fiat currency in the world. To avoid falling for this type of scams, the CriptoNoticias Criptopedia recommends educating yourself, investigating, doubting the information received, taking care of private keys and, mainly, using common sense.

In addition, it is essential not to leave funds on an exchange for too long, since these platforms are susceptible to hacks or even their own security flaws. Something of this style happened recently on the Cryptopia platform; As CriptoNoticias reported, an employee took over the private keys of several clients and stole assets for the equivalent of 13 BTC.

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