Ivana Nadal heats Instagram posing in a thong and without a bra

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ivana nadal made a lot of noise on social networks for his controversial statements about the virus and the different measures to avoid contagion. With a “spiritual” speech, the influencer was involved in several scandals in the last time that put her in the focus of the media, but that also allowed him to continue increasing his follower base on Instagram.

At the moment, more than two and a half million people are attentive to what Nadal publishes every day on his profile. His posts include travel postcards, selfies and photos with his partner, Bruno Siri, as well as videos in which he shares his personal beliefs and tries to generate “awareness” in his audience.

Such is the attention it receives daily that the last image it published got more than 145 thousand likes. It is a photo of herself posing in a thong and without a bra, with her hair over her bust and her face covered.

However, what really caught the eye was his room, in the background of the selfie. “The disorder in that room, please!” Said one user, referring to the unmade bed, with clothes thrown on the sheets. The message, which received several ‘I like it, was questioned with humor by other followers: “What room?” In addition, Nadal fans left compliments and emojis to celebrate the publication.

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