Jacqie Rivera, Chiquis’s sister, made a radical look change

Jacqie Rivera, Chiquis Rivera’s sister, surprises with a radical change of look.

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If there is anyone in the Rivera family that is very low profile and quiet is Jacqie Rivera. Her hard work as a mom leaves her little time to stand to the nines as her older sister often does. Chiquis Rivera placeholder image. Even so, Jacqie She has a natural beauty very similar to that of her late mother, Jenni Rivera. Now he wanted to surprise his fans with a radical change of look.

The singer also wanted to give her image a twist and took a risk with a very rocky look. He has always had a tendency to that style, but now he added the touch of a professional. Each strand of hair was bleached and dyed pink, leaving its base dark. In the end, the result was surprising and totally different. Undoubtedly, a 180 degree makeover for Jacqie Rivera.

East new look He showed it off on his Instagram account at the birthday party of the daughter of some close friends and also combined perfectly with the theme of it. The most surprising of all is that Jacqie Rivera, quite the opposite of looking older and older, she has managed to preserve herself very well and her face looks like that of a young girl. Obviously this look change it favored him.

Right now Jacqie She is preparing to be the new executor of Jenni Rivera’s businesses now that her aunt Rosie Rivera resigns. It was precisely Rosie who made it known that Jenni’s wish was that, if Rosie for some reason could not continue at the helm, the one who would succeed her should be her second daughter, Jacqie. Let us remember that by the rumor of the supposed romance between Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and Esteban Loaiza (Jenni’s ex), a week before her mother would have taken her out of the will.

Precisely because of her not having any legal weight in terms of the companies and money of the deceased Jenni Rivera was that her younger brother, Johnny Rivera, decided to request an audit of Jenni’s companies. He assures that neither he nor his brothers have ever seen a detailed account at the end of each year. It is the first time they have requested this since their mother passed away in that tragic accident.

On the other hand, Jhonny also assured that his uncle Juan Rivera at some point requested 40 percent of the composition of an unpublished song that he found by Jenni and in which Chiquis Rivera placeholder image he would have supposedly composed a stanza of it. This kind of stayed there and everyone is waiting for the audit.

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