Only in Australia: a brave grouper ‘steps on the heels’ of a crocodile

Posted: Jul 12, 2021 05:38 GMT

A Reddit user recently shared a video that captures the strange chase of an unsuspecting crocodile by what appears to be a giant cod.

The video shows how a crocodile swims under a bridge in the Australian city of Port Douglas, without suspecting that is being chased by a brave fish.

Although the user who posted the clip labels the cod fish, it is actually another species, a local legend called George the Queensland groupersays Daily Mail.

According to Lynton Heffer, owner of the Fishing Port Douglas company, George lives in the city for 20 years and it’s the onecut the cod ‘ in the zone.

In fact, George is so great that a confrontation would mean a problem for the crocodile.

“A crocodile wouldn’t normally be able to eat such a large fish, so groupers grow to this size, they don’t really have a natural predator,” he explains.

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