Raúl de Molina’s daughter, Mia, publishes a photo with her boyfriend. It is quite a gallant

Finally in a photo the boyfriend of Raúl de Molina’s daughter, Mia. He is quite a gallant.

Photo: Sipa USA. / Grosby Group

Although the news was released a few days ago that Mia de Molina, daughter of Raúl de Molina has a boyfriend, there is little detail. Just Clarissa Molina put against the sword and the wall to Raul de Molina and asked him about his role as father-in-law to what the driver of El Gordo and La Flaca refused to answer. But Mia posted a photo with her boyfriend and the young man knocked out the jaw of many because It is quite a gallant.

The young man is called Gabriel Edgardo Cardoze and appears in a photo next to Mia, daughter of Raúl de Molina in what looks like a restaurant. She, of course smiling and he is not far behind. But it turns out that this time it wasn’t Mine the one that monopolized the compliments but the boyfriend himself, who freaked out several on social media for wearing like a real heartthrob.

“They are both beautiful”, “Very handsome the boyfriend“,” Very cute “,” Very beautiful both “,” Raúl she already has a boyfriend the girl by God ”,“ Does she already have a boyfriend ??? he is very handsome her beau“,” Quite a prince “, were part of the comments that several of the followers of Raúl de Molina. The same ones who were happy for his daughter Mia.

Total that Raul He did not respond to Clarissa Molina, however, he recently questioned her about her courtship. Own Univision host He said he did not know anything about what happened in that relationship. The Dominican said that they had ended their relationship a few months ago.

Now what Mia has a boyfriend, many wonder if Raul de Molina will include it in the trips that you usually do as a family or if, on the contrary, it will be Mine the absent in the same and prefers to stay to be close to his new gallant. The truth is that this moment would come for “El Gordo” the most spoiled of Hispanic television and he does not seem to be enjoying it much.

Raúl and Mia they have always been very close. Since she was little she appears in many of the photographs of Raul and has even been on various television shows accompanying his dad. Even so, recently he decided to make his Instagram account private just like his gallant. This gives us to understand that Mine she would not be very willing to share her relationship with all her followers.

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