We tell you who is the new heartthrob of Zuleyka Rivera

What Zuleyka rivera She would already have a new beau, at least kiss and hand posing on her butt was not lacking, but who is it?

It’s about 31-year-old DJ Luian, Puerto Rican like Zuleyka, and well known in the urban genre environment as a businessman and musician.

Luian Malavé Nieves, is the real name of DJ, who also has the musical label Hear This Music, through which Anuel AA, Arcángel, De la Ghetto and Ozuna have passed.

A few years ago, a phrase in Bad Bunny’s songs drew attention and caused curiosity who was he ?: “Tell Luian”. Well, it was about who Zuleyka’s new love would be.

Is that the DJ, in his role as a music producer, he was the one who discovered the bad rabbit and produced the first songs of what became a successful career in much of the world.

Within the urban genre, it is ensured that DJ Luian is the only businessman almost or more famous than his represented, as he is listed as the favorite DJ even of many of his colleagues.

At 30 he has a great fortune and like Raphy Pina, is one of the strongest entrepreneurs of the Island of Enchantment for the world. Given their current romance, the comparisons between the two have already begun.

Let’s remember that Raphy is Natti Natasha’s partner, with whom he just became the father of Life isabelle. And now Luian lets it be understood that he is living an affair with Zuleyka Al publishes a photo kissing her on the mouth and placing his hand on her buttocks.

In fact, precisely in that image, Natti Natasha’s partner wrote the following: “raphypina: Puñeta LOS MIOSSSSSS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️“.

Zuleyka had not presented a partner for two years after breaking up with the Mexican businessman German Rosete, with whom he had engaged. But overnight We saw him as a couple with who at that time was the companion of the presenter in ‘Un Nuevo Día’, the Venezuelan Erika Csiszer.

But that couple only lasted a little over a year when the Mexican businessman began his romance with Osmariel Villalobo.

The truth is that, far from that scandal, it seems, according to the image, that Zuleyka is giving herself a new chance in love, Unless it is a scene from the next video of the DJ and Rivera is the model as he was in ‘Despacito’.

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