What awaits bitcoin? Analyst Notes Cryptocurrency Approaching Unusual Period of Maximum Volatility

Posted: Jul 12, 2021 12:08 GMT

According to William Clemente, the cryptocurrency could both significantly lose its value and return to a trend towards highs.

Bitcoin is about to enter an unusual period of maximum volatility and its price could rise as well as fall significantly, said William Clemente, an expert in digital currencies, on his Twitter account on Monday.

“Bitcoin is entering its first major volatility constraint since it pushed the price lower after the highs in April and the one that propelled us into the bull run in July 2020. It is an unusual phenomenon“Clemente wrote.

Last Sunday the expert already referred to the possible price changes of the cryptocurrency, estimating that “seems ready to take a big step“.

According to the Coindesk portal, the current price of bitcoin is $ 33,952.57. Since April 2021, when the peak of investor interest was recorded, the digital currency lost more than half its price.

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