An elderly Mexican man who tried to rescue a cat died after falling from a third floor

The good intentions of an old man to rescue a cat, They ended in tragedy in the northern city of Monterrey in Mexico.

A 71-year-old man died after falling from the third floor of a company, where he climbed to feed him and rescue a kitten who he heard crying.

The accident, from which it was said that the victim was a neighbor of the company, but requested permission to enter and feed the cat, occurred shortly before 10:00 hours, within the company called Midsa, a plastics distributor, located in Rayón 750 Sur, cross with Matamoros.

The now deceased was identified by his relatives as Juan Carlos Merla Rodríguez, 71 years old.

After the accident, Civil Protection paramedics were sent to the scene, who upon arriving at the site could do nothing to save the man, since after the fall he had serious head and chest injuries.

The body of the victim was left inside the company’s facilities, where ministerial agents and experts arrived to initiate the investigation.

The man’s wife, dI go to the policemen who heard the kitten crying on the roof of the company from early on, so the now deceased mentioned that he would take him to eat and try to lower it, and asked the business staff for permission to enter.

Being on the third floor, he allegedly lost his footing and fell from that height, hitting the floor instead.

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