Bonucci is the boss: he took Coca-Cola and Heineken after scoring a goal and winning Euro 2020 with Italy

Leonardo Bonucci can boast of having completed all levels in the Euro 2020. The Italian center-back scored a goal in the final, defended his arch wonderfully, ended up winning the title with Italy and also ended with the contest meme: he took Coca-Cola and Heineken during the celebration.

At the post-match press conference, Bonucci He presented himself as a true boss of life. Cheerful and radiating a lot of charisma, he sat down with the respective bottles of beer and soft drink that sponsor Euro 2020 and took a drink of both.

What a way to celebrate.

Let’s remember that it all started with Cristiano Ronaldo pushing aside a bottle of Coca-Cola. The gesture had immediate financial repercussions. Hours later Paul pogba was in the same vein, separating a bottle of Heineken, a beer that also sponsored the event.

Since then the memes and reactions have not stopped. The ukrainian Andriy Yarmolenko it paved the way for Bonucci’s action, saying it takes both Coca-Cola and Heineken.

Leonardo Bonucci put an end to the series of actions related to drinks and sponsors of Euro 2020 better than we all thought. In the best possible context. He was crowned the boss in all respects.

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