Carolina Sandoval’s daughter, Bárbara Camila, surprises with a radical change of look

If there is something that has been criticized a lot the former host of Suelta la Sopa is the hair. Carolina Sandoval He always wears wigs and when he doesn’t, he leaves it in an uproar, something that many of us find attractive but a minority find it awful. The same has been happening with his eldest daughter, Bárbara Camila. But now the beautiful teenager has stopped wearing long and unruly hair to surprise with a radical change of look.

Barbara Camila He went to the atelier of the talented stylist Johann Jimenez and from there he published the exact moment in which the one who cut his long hair to Carolina Sandoval’s daughter. The change was radical. From long hair to a square cut at the height of the cheek. Although it is quite a risky change, it must be recognized that it was simply spectacular and above all it makes it clear that she is no longer a little girl.

Of course, Barbara Camila, who is already an influencer who generates various types of content like her mother, boasted her new look change With a short black top, jeans and obviously her waistband with a visible bee. Recall that she has been criticized on several occasions for allegedly having undergone cosmetic surgery, which the former Telemundo talent has come out to clarify on several occasions.

For all those who have accompanied Carolina Sandoval Throughout these years, it seems incredible to them that Barbara Camila She is no longer that little girl they saw next to her mom at different events. Now this young woman looks like a woman, who also recently graduated with honors. Fact that earned him a scholarship to study medicine at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Remember that Barbara Camila He was born with a hearing condition. When it was believed that someone like her could not lead a normal life like any other, she showed courage and bravery and strive to achieve goals, just as she has done. Carolina Sandoval throughout his life. Barbara She has decided to study medicine to help people who, like her, have the same medical condition. We do not doubt that it will do so, because up to now it has been able to successfully meet each goal set.

As to “La Venenosa”, Carolina Sandoval, continues to do his thing on Instagram unleashing all kinds of comments. He recently published a video where he is seen fixing his thong and smelling his hand afterwards, a fact that brought him several strong criticisms.

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