“Do not touch or kiss them”: The emotional video of a mother whose 11-day-old baby died of herpes

Over 1.4 million views has a video uploaded to TikTok, which was shared by a user named Dakota Elizabeth Goss, who had one of the worst experiences of losing her newborn baby, and for something unimaginable and that could have been avoided.

Dakota, who lives in Mount Airy, North Carolina, and is a mental health expert, She gave birth to her son Emmitt on February 26, 2019, without imagining that her happiness would fade just a few days later.

At 6 days old, Emmitt had to be hospitalized after he suffered serious health problems derived from the herpes simplex virus that he was diagnosed. Sadly, the little boy couldn’t take it and he died just 11 days after coming to this world.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t protect it. But please, wash your hands, do not touch their mouth or kiss them … They can’t fight, ”was how Dakota captioned her video.

“Babies don’t have an immune system and they can’t fight germs,” ​​he added.

Some users, shocked by his experience, asked him how Emmitt got herpes, to which the mother indicated that they do not know exactly, since her son had not been kissed by anyone other than her and her partner.


No matter hard I tried, I couldn’t protect him. But please wash your hands, don’t touch their mouths, or kiss them…. They can’t fight it….

♬ Get You The Moon – Timmies

“Emmitt got no kisses and still got sick. We had only touched him. Happens. It’s real, ”Dakota wrote in the comments.

Dakota did not clarify how Emmitt contracted the infection, but believes it was while he was in the hospital. Some experts advise not to kiss babies on the lips and wash your hands before touching them, especially if you have been in contact with an animal to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria.

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