Euro 2020 memes: the Italy-England final left us a champion and lots of laughter

The “azzurri” team returned to Italy to celebrate the conquest of Euro 2020.

Photo: Andreas Solaro / AFP / Getty Images

Italy took over Euro 2020 at Wembley, house of England. Europe has a new monarch, and the memes In this regard, they did not take long to become as viral as the game itself. Here are the best memes of the final of the Eurocup.

Argentina won the Copa América in Brazil. Italy won the Euro in England. Did someone say historical memes?

Italy’s defense allowed an early goal from Luke Shaw, the fastest in a European Championship final in history. It was not an easy start for the Italian defense.

But those led by Roberto Mancini did not take long to straighten the path by hook or by crook. Giorgio Chiellini went viral after shamelessly grabbing Bukayo Saka by the shirt in the last minute of the match.

Kill or be killed for Italy.

More of Chiellini, because many supported Italy. And at the end of the day it was the champion team, so it deserves more memes than England.

We reaffirm our support for Italy with this meme alluding to a scene from The Simpsons. Definitely, public opinion expected a victory for the “azzurra”, especially after the controversial penalty that caused England to pass to the final of the European Championship.

“It’s coming home” is the motto of England. And yes, Euro 2020 went home… but from Italy. Many dared to go even further, renaming the slogan “It’s coming Rome”.

Let’s go with one more.

England fell short because they lacked a decisive player in the final. Maybe they should have looked for a reinforcement who has managed to win multiple times. A certain Lewis Hamilton.

Long live football. Long live memes and laughter.

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