Horror in Mexico: they dismembered an entire family in Zacatecas, the narco red zone

Three members of a family reported missing in Aguascalientes, Mexico, were dismembered in the State of Zacatecas.

They are María Yannet del Razo Jiménez, 32 years old; her husband Andrés Jurado Ibarra, 41, and their son Leonel André, three years old.

According to reports, the last time they heard from them was on July 4 when they warned that they would leave the city towards Hidalgo in a royal blue Suzuki car.

Given this, the Aguascalientes Prosecutor’s Office issued an alert for its location.

Two days later, in the community of Tayahua, in the Municipality of Villanueva, Three dismembered bodies were found, which corresponded to the family.

The Zacatecas Local Coordination Group (GCL), made up of federal and state authorities, promised to find those responsible.

“Regarding the events in which, unfortunately, three members of a family originally from Aguascalientes lost their lives, they indicated that they are working to find those responsible for the attack, therefore, since the neighboring state issued the search alert they have maintained the collaboration”, he indicated.

Zacatecas, a state of migrant nature, has become a red zone for drug trafficking, as it represents a key step on the cartels’ route to transfer drugs to the United States.

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