Juan Rivera responds to a follower who called him a parakeet: “This nose belongs to me”

Juan Rivera responds forcefully to a follower who called him a parakeet.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

For several weeks, Juan Rivera, brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, she has been doing some “Live” in which she clarifies some of the controversies in which she is immersed the Rivera family. Now it was not the exception and, with the frontality that characterizes it, He responded to a follower who called him a parakeet during a broadcast from your Instagram account.

“All that ticket money you have already recovered with so much that you have stolen from your nephews fucking parakeet“, He said a follower of Juan Rivera. But Chiquis Rivera’s uncle was not silent and replied: “I don’t share the net yet. The ten million that I have still do not reach me … And if I am a parakeet or I do not believe that this nose belongs to me And I think that this brain is mine and I think that the lungs with which I breathe God entrusted them to me, compa… So, you may be worth it ^^^ if I get parakeet or not. That’s not pe ^^^ hers. A hat is worth to me if you take a broomstick and put it over there. That is yours, compadre. Do with it what you want ”, was part of the answer that Juan Rivera gave to a follower.

Very contrary to what everyone might think, Juan rivera he was not mostly criticized for answering like this. Rather, it was defended and even applauded by the followers who rejected the insult towards Chiquis Rivera’s uncle.

Just a few days ago, the ex of her brother Lupillo Rivera, Mayeli Alonso, said that Juan yes he had stolen the car that Lupillo supposedly had won in a raffle. But he did it out of respect and saying that she is not only the ex of his carnal but that she is the mother of his nephews and that is why he will not make opinions about it.

Mayeli Alonso was intercepted by reporters from Despierta América and assured that Juan rivera yes he had kept the car. Although Lupillo Rivera would not have bought the ticket, Mayeli assures that Lupillo’s name appeared on it. Therefore, the car must be his. But this is all about the controversy between Lupillo and Juan.

Mayeli Rivera also took the opportunity to say that Lupillo Rivera does not spend a penny for her children. She says that she is the one who struggles with them and that Lupillo does not change a tire. He also called him a liar. He does not believe that the singer has married his most recent girlfriend Giselle Soto, as he confirmed a few weeks ago during a press conference. As it turns out, Lupillo Rivera was associated with nothing more and nothing less than Mayeli Alonso’s arch rival, Daisy Cabral.

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