Little Italian towns pay you $ 33,000 to move there

If you have always wanted to have a quiet life in a small Italian town, then your wish could come true very soon. And is that the Calabria region, southern Italy, plans to give up to $ 33,000 for up to three years to those who wish to move to small towns barely 2,000 inhabitants.

This is one of the many strategies that some Italian towns are carrying out to reactivate their economic activity or increase their population.

In the case of Calabria, they hope to increase the population that is almost disappearing in these places.

Some of these idyllic towns are near the sea, others on mountain slopes and there are still others that have both landscapes. Obviously, this large sum of money will not be given to you just like that, since, To obtain the funds, new residents must commit to starting a small businessEither they do it themselves or they accept offers from people who already have businesses in the region and who want to expand to more towns.

Another thing that residents must comply with is that, at most, they must be 40 years of age and they have to be ready to move to Calabria within 90 days of your request. They do this because they hope to attract proactive youth and millennials eager to work.

Gianluca Gallo, a regional councilor, said that the monthly income of a person receiving the support could be in the range of € 1,000 to € 800 for two to three years. Alternatively, there could be one-time funds to support the launch of a new business, be it a lodging service, restaurant, bar, rural farm, or shop.

This project and the application process are expected to launch online in the next few weeks. The region has been working on this for months and has already allocated more than € 700,000 euros to the project.

It should be noted that more than 75% of Calabrian cities, which would be approximately 320, currently have fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, so there is a risk that they may disappear completely in a few years unless the population increases.

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