Macabre Plan: She seduced the man who raped her as a child to murder him

A terrible plan of revenge took shape a couple of days ago, which has left a young woman arrested and who, most likely, will be awaiting several years in prison.

It all happened last Sunday, July 4, around 10 at night (local time). ORAn 18-year-old girl identified only as Lisby, murdered a 50-year-old man named Adonay, after having a meeting in a hotel in the city of Olanchito Yoro, in Honduras.

According to the authorities, Lisby shot Adonay in revenge because he would have raped her when she was just a child and again he would have tried to abuse her.

People who were in the hotel as well as its employees immediately called the police after hearing several shots inside one of their rooms.

When the agents arrived, Lisby would have surrendered, accepting that she had shot Adonay to the end of his life, because it was part of a revenge that he had been planning years ago.

It turns out that the man sexually abused her as a minor and a couple of years ago, she met him again, only he did not recognize her. So she thought about seducing him; They went out a couple of times and made an appointment at said hotel, where he would seek to do justice by his own hand after he did not obtain it by legal means.

Lisby is in custody while the investigation continues and awaits trial to be sentenced or released.

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