New York police hit woman in the windpipe at a Walmart: he has already been suspended

A police officer beat a woman at a Walmart.

Photo: DeWitt Police Department / Courtesy

A nyc police He was put on leave for punching a woman in the throat during a brawl at a Walmart.

The DeWitt Police Department temporarily discharged Rory Spain, who appears in a video that circulated on social networks beating up Tyreana Edmonds, who tried to bite him.

The upstate New York officer intervened after a 911 report of violence at an East Syracuse Walmart. Two women allegedly hit employees in the face and sprayed them with pepper spray.

The women were arrested and released with appointments to the Court to render accounts, however the scandal for alleged police abuse continues.

The DeWitt Police Department released the video and reported that Spain was on temporary leave while investigations are underway.

On The video shows the struggle of Spain with Edmonds and the consequent punch to the throat. Then the officer subdues the woman on the floor.

Police said several employees were threatened and beaten in the face and two women pepper-sprayed customers, including children. The women were identified as Edmonds and his sister, Tajenik Byrd.

Police evidence contains footage from various body cameras, witness cell phones and video surveillance of the store.

A police spokesman explained that surveillance footage from the store captured the initial altercation, and body cameras and eyewitness videos show the uniformed men grappling with taking the women into custody.

Officer Corey Buyck knocked Byrd to the ground and climbed into it. His sister is heard yelling at officers that Byrd is pregnant and was assaulted.

It all happened on July 4.

“Conclusions as to whether the officers’ actions are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all the facts are known and the investigation is complete,” established the police department.

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